I recently joined the UPS Writer's Guild and have hence been writing more, so I thought I'd share some of it.

The Writing Prompt: Think of someone you saw today but don’t really know and write about their day.

I awoke today to my roommate's alarm, again. I hope on all that is decent in this world that the person who came up with the tone and volume for that thing is now mentally insane, or in prison, either of which is not punishment enough. Anyways, after tearing the sheets off my bed as I most gracefully descended from the eight foot tower that is my bed I went to take a shower, but of course they were all occupied. Awwwfuckit I thought, I’ll go greasy. And just to complete the whole hippy image I realized that I had forgot to take my clothes from the wash the night before, three days in the same shirt is sexy for sure. Time for the cafeteria I suppose. I’d just like to put in a little side note here about how much I absolutely LOVE the caf, most especially it’s predictability, I mean where else can you know for absolute certainty exactly what food is going to be there and the exact level of it’s mediocrity? Never being one to break with routine I go with the corn flakes, milk, and oj, the NEW breakfast of champs baby. Champs of the chem lab anyway. After four hours of excruciatingly great fun I decided it was time for a nap, so it’s back to the dorm. As I approached the entrance I reached into my empty pocket and just for fun told myself that today I hadn’t forgot my keys. Well it wasn’t all bad, cause here came my RA who I’d recently gotten written up by and hadn’t talked to since. So after a little bit of a standoff over who could be the most awkward looking in their attempt to avoid the others gaze victory became mine, it’s the small triumphs that count the most. I’m seriously glad that the carpet in our hall is comfortable, because it is on it’s billowy surface that I’ve spent roughly half my time in college, waiting for my roommate to return and let me into our abode.