Well I originally had this under the node heading: Stoner Moment of the Week, but apparently the MAN didn't like it too much and so here is in it's new residence, me bitter? naw.

Stoner Moment of the Week

Here at the University of Puget Sound a group of students have started unofficially pointing out some of the most ridicululous moments remembered while smoking the ganga. But, of coarse, being the supreme group of potheads that they are, it comes as no suprise that the rating system doesn't make sense and usually doesn't even come close to being "weekly" by any means. Basically it's just for our entertainment and can be found documented on a select few whiteboards throughout the dorms.

And now, some Truly Stoner Moments:

So a group of about seven of us embarked upon a quest to smoke and in doing so walked about six blocks off campus into a relatively deserted alleyway. As we sat down in a little circle of goodness we all started either supplying the bud or packing the bowls, and when it was all finished the quesiton finally arose, "whose got the lighter?" long pause...... "anybody?!" another pause....and a collective thinking of the work "shit" circulated about, but just then I realized that I had remembered seeing a pack of matches in my backpack, that happened to actually be on my back. "Oh well" I thought, "we can make this work". So I reach in my bag and there it is, so out it comes and as I open it up, inside I find..... two joints. So here we were with our pipes and our bubblers, and me with two Js on top of it all, with absolutely no way of smoking any of it. So I took one for the team and ran back to campus and got us a lighter and all was well in the end, but still, what a bunch of potheads we were (and I guess still are).

Alright so this was a few days before we'd all be leaving for winter break and my friends and I had recently thrown down for about an eighth of an ounce, but had only managed to smoke a tiny portion of it. So I made the executive decision to use the rest in a batch of brownies. Now, if you've ever prepared brownies before you probably know that the only part that really smells anything like weed is the first step in which you simmer the crushed up buds in the butter]. So the question was, where would we simmer some butter where we wouldn't tip anyone off as to our endeavor? The most obvious solution to our conundrum was the local park, at midnight. So I grabbed my roommate's camping stove, got a few of the ol' smoking buddies together and we set off for the park. The stove took a little while to set up, and the park was by no means the safest place to conduct this little project, but we made do. So the simmering was all finished and we realized that we didn't just want a pan filled with butter in our return trip to the dorm kitchen, hence I thought it might be a good idea to add the eggs and brownie mix so that at least we could pass it off as one of the other dorm's oven being broken...or something. So anyways I took the pan off the flame and cracked an egg and tossed it in, and as I was doing so I could hear a collective "ohhhh no" as the raw egg made contact with the still smoking frying pan, and instantly fried itself. Needless to say I got shit for that little fuck up for nearly an hour straight, as we took the mixed batter back to the dorm with it's little chunks of fried egg within. And of coarse later it was realized that it would have made for one absolutely classic anti-drug commercial, "This is your brain- this is your brain, on drugs".