Sorry for this bit of a rant, I realize today seems to be the day that everyone's got their own stuff they're going through but I just wanted to post this mainly just as a gratification for me to know it's somewhere other than the napkin I wrote it on the other night while battling insomnia:

Vitalansky- I don't know what it means, but it means I'm where I need to be. Finding myself amongst a whole run amok with shit and stink about it. Find yourself a niche, stick with it until you need to adapt to something greater. Be the better man, the better husband, friend, lover, whatever you can, be better. Stop being on your stupid ass phone so much, call people out on their shit, regard things to a higher standard and don't let them become something they're not, and if they do, build it better. Find yourself something you're happy with and pursue it until you no longer can, then find the means to pursue it more, then if it becomes no longer what you want to pursue, find the next thing that drives you, and do it well. Can't make a go of something? Then do something else and better, find that something that drives you and let it throttle through, same goes for others in your life, find them while they're at their best, utilize them to their fullest, then strive for ever better greatness. Of course, you've got to straddle the line of humility, find those that have helped you when you're down and help them in return, then go and find something to volunteer for, be nice/be humble, be a good person. Don't burn those bridges, even if they're shitty destructive ones. Utilize your resources and go get em. Sleep.