I have Chronic Urticaria, and it is hell. I scratch till I bleed when alseep (when I sleep) and I look like a freak 247. In the hope of helping others out who suffer from it I am adding the "symptom log" I presented to my doctor in an attempt to get him to take me seriously. I would suggest others with the conditions write something similar to take to their doctor, as this really helps them treat it.

present: bodywide.

drugs: codeine (made me vomit, feel dizzy, caused skin rash, loose stools, out of breath) nitrofurantoin (made my lips swell, vomiting, wheeziness) penicillin (causes breathlessness and rash) asprin (wheezy, headcache, rash)

food: milk(causes onset of rash within ten minutesbloatingnausea)

Other: dust (immediate onset of rash, itching, dermographic) my bed :( rough fabrics (rash, itching) hot conditions rubbing down after a bath :( stress (its far far worse when I'm tired, even though it makes me tired... and if I'm stressed.. and it makes me stressed!!!) the sun, for any length of time over half an hour :(

First noticed: In the third trimester of pregnancy, now present constantly, first cropped up after treatment with nitrofurantoin for a water infection, followed by premature labour a week later, treated with niphedipine... nearly 3 12 years ago...

other issues: causes sleeplessness, keeps partner awake! depression irritation bleeding scratches in the morning (itching in my sleep) it looks awful... sick of the comments.... often wake up in the morning with swollen lipsmouth often feels like there is a tight belt around my chest during the night constantly feels like I have sunburn, everywhere...

previous treatment: saw a dermatologist in portsmouth, diagnosed as "simple urticaria" during pregancy. commented "dermographic" prescribed me eucalptus in suspension, which smelt nice, felt cold, did nothing to help the incessant itching.

Please note: I have copied this directly from my computer, and have left the mistakes in on purpose, I only added to this when reacting, and the mistakes serve to highlight the difficulty inherent in doing ANYTHING requiring concentration when in the throes of an episode.

Please also note that some of the reactions described (swollen lips for instance) can be indicative of a fatal reaction, and if you have them, seek medical attention!