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The user was born on December 29, 1966.

Personal experiences quickly ensued.

Professionally, the following nouns and adjectives are relevant.

Bachelor of Science, Brown University, 1988: Applied Mathematics-Biology. "Theory of an Immune System Retrovirus." Leon N Cooper. Nathan Intrator. Santa Fe Institute.

Software Application Development: Salomon Brothers-- The Strategic Technology Group. Development and deployment of a UNIX workstation network for automatic arbitrage. Universal Imaging Corporation. Image-1.

Founder and CEO: CoSA/The Company of Science & Art. Connections-- The CoSA Journal. PACo-- a PICS Animation Compiler for Macintosh and Windows. AfterEffects-- animation, digital video compositing and special effects. Acquired by the Adobe Corporation.

Artist/Engineer/Teacher: HomePlanet. Michelangelo's Media Circus. Kodak Center for Creative Imaging. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Soundgarden. Pearl Jam. Lollapalooza. AVX Design. EBN-- Emergency Broadcast Network. The Nile-- An Ancient Egyptian Quest. Phish-- an Udder Ball. Brown University TB/HIV Research Lab--

Co-Founder and CTO: IFILM Corporation.

Co-Founder, Artist, Application Development: Obscura Digital. Surround Cinema.

Co-Founder and CEO: Tekadence Incorporated. Magik.

GD | Computing + Communications. High Throughput Digital Video Production; Systems Bioinformatics.