Red Tide is a hip hop group originating from west central Florida, near Tampa.

Member roster:
Skoolz- MC
Lazy - Turntablist, dj, producer
2% - producer,musician, instrumentalist, really cool guy

Rogue MC's- cd - label:Peripheral Records, Sarasota, FL.
Tracks: Vs Us?, The Sequel, Rogue Dialogue, Cutting Edge

Fabric Addicts- cd & 12", label:LostNation, Tampa, FL.
Tracks: Fabric Addict, In the Meantime..., Limbo, Torch

Red Tide Live- cd- label:LostNation, Tampa, FL.
Tracks: Intro, Misogynist, Pink Panther, Torch, In the Meantime..., Limbo (accapella), A Thousand Foul Mouths, Giant Robo-Taking Over the World (accapella), Underground, Historigins, Cutting Edge, Nomadic Chant

All produced by Red Tide.