Things to do when in Tampa:

Jog/walk/rollerblade/board/dance down Bayshore Boulevard. It is incredible.
Go to Bern's Steak House.
Visit Ybor City on any Friday or Saturday and have a ball. There is something for everyone in Ybor.
Go in February to see the spectacle of Gasparilla. There is nothing more fun than the city's most prominent business and political men dressed up as pirates. Puts life in perspective for you.
OK, go ahead and catch a Bucs game. You may still hear cannons go off whenever the Bucs score. That tradition used to be my father's responsibility and joy.
Visit Whaley's grocer on Howard Avenue. It smells GREAT in there.
Go to any major grocery store. Find the bread aisle. When you come upon bread sold by the yard, buy it! That's Cuban bread!! You have found one of Tampa's greatest treasures. Make sure the packaging says the bread came from El Segundo Bakery.
Need sweet? Visit Chalupa's on Neptune. They have all kinds of goodies, and decent coffee, too.
Borrow a car and get lost in downtown. You will only get lost once in Tampa, then you will know its six-way intersections and colorfully named streets forever.

edited 12-25-2007