Shadow of the Hegemon proved to be just as engaging and well written as the other Ender books. Orson Scott Card shows his wordy, genius stuff, once again.

The plot revolves around Bean, Petra, Achilles, and of course the future Hegemon, Peter. He also brings in several Battle School graduates to spice up the plot. Card goes into a detailed, literary game of Risk. I have learned more about military strategy reading these books than the texts they supply you in history class.

Military briefings aside, Card used his usual flair for making you see the insides of his characters as well as the outward ramifications of their actions.

How many more novels can he write to add to this series? The greatest thing about them is they keep bringing up new perspectives of the same story. The story of Ender and the world he is born into is such a great universe!

Now, Mr. Card, how about a book focusing on Valentine?