Here is a pronunciation guide for some common words from the ancient language spoken in Egypt. This list came from the inside box cover of a very cool collection of games that teach you all about ancient Egypt while you play, In the Land of Egypt published by Aristoplay, a purveyor of educational games.
the defintions were extrapolated from playing the games. See, it does work.

Ammit -- AM it
The creature-god to whom Anubis feeds the souls of the wicked.

amulet -- AM u let
Good luck charm, wear one to gain favor with the gods.

Amun -- AM mun
King of the Gods (but not the Supreme God like Osiris), wears a Crown of two plumes. Sometimes refered to as Amun-Ra.

ankh -- AHnk
Charm to keep in the afterlife to ward off evil.

Anubis -- a NOOB is
Jackal headed God of Judgement. Weigher of souls. Hope you were good in your lifetime.

ba -- BAH
The part of the soul that leaves the mummy.

cartouche -- car TOOSH
Ornament shaped like an oval with a straight edge meeting one end. Inside the cartouche were the hieroglyphics that spell the name of the king or queen.

Cleopatra -- KLEE oh PAT rah
Egyptian Queen. Had an affair with a Roman.

Giza -- GEE za
Nile city in Egypt where most of the remaining pyramids still stand.

Hathor -- HATH er
Wears the head or horns of a cow, is the Goddess of love, sky, and joy.

Hieroglyphics -- HIRE oh GLIF iks
Pictorial writing system used in ancient Egypt.

Horus -- HOR us
The God of the Sun, also the son of Isis and Osiris. He wears the head of a falcon.

Imhotep -- im HO tep
Eyptian doctor, pyramid builder and astronomer.

Khufu -- KOO foo
Egyptian King. His pyramid is 48 stories tall and still stands at Giza.

ibis -- EYE bis
Sacred bird.

Isis -- EYE sis
Fertility Goddess, wife to Osiris. Wears a headress of cow horns with a moon between them.

ka -- KAH
The part of the soul that remains in the tomb with the mummy.

Ma'at -- MAH at
Goddess of Law and Order. Her scales were used by Anubis to weigh the soul of the deceased.

obelisk -- AHB uh lisk
Think: Washington Momument: a structure with four sheer, tall sides with a square pyramid on top. Prayers or messages usually adorn the sides of the obelisk.

Orion -- Oh RYE on
Constellation honoring The Great Hunter.

Osiris -- oh SIRE is
Wears the crown of upper Egypt, is the King of Eternity, the head God. Also the husband of Isis.

pharoah -- FARE oh
King or Queen in Egypt, they are considered a living God/Goddess.

Ra -- RAH
The SUN GOD (not to be confused with Horus, who is the God of the Sun). Ra created the Earth.

scarab -- SCARE ab
Good luck beetle.

Selket -- SEL ket
Wears a scorpion on her head, is the patroness of magicians and the guardian of the dead, also the protector of life.

Sphinx -- SFINKS
Half man/half lion. A statue of the great Sphinx stands at Giza.

Thebes -- THEEBES
City in ancient Egypt.

Thoth -- TOTE
Wears the head of a baboon or ibis bird. Thoth is the God of Wisdom and gets credit for inventing the arts, sciences and hieroglyphic writing.

Zoser -- SOE ser
King of Egypt. Zoser's pyramid has four 'steps'.