Ecstasy does all those things that are also achieved with meditation. If used correctly, it can be a great therapy tool, but the user has to have a rudimentary knowledge of what their own problems are and a goal of "working" on them during the e session.
Things about ecstasy I wish were more like meditation:
after meditation one feels free and light; after e, one feels chemical burn
After meditation one's head feels clear; after e one's head may feel clear, but Moody Tuesday is coming and must be prepared for and battled
Meditation can be used to get yourself down from a bad roll or lessen the physical effects of a bad roll. I once ate some bad e, meaning it wasn't really e - know thy source!- and ended up with a major headache and I couldn't focus my vision. After half an hour of deep meditation I felt completely normal, normal enough to go open the show I was stage managing later that night.

Another thing about ecstasy I wish was more like meditiation - the more you meditate the stronger you become, (physically, emotionally, spiritually, cognitively), the reverse is true with ecstasy, it will completly wear you out with longterm and heavy use.