Apologies for the UK-centred writeup below:

Monsanto and other lesser known agriculture corporations have been conducting tests(1) of their genetically modified cereal crops. In the UK news media there has been a fair amount of coverage of this testing. Terms like "Frankenfoods" have been bandied about and the UK tabloids have taken the opportunity to increase their circulation by whipping up more public hysteria.

Greenpeace has taken direct action against a few of the crop sites, using the same attention grabbing tactics as the whaling speedboats or the Brent Spar oil rig action. Protestors from greenpeace dressed in white coveralls, goggles and yellow face masks(2) trespassed onto fields and started destroying crops. That they did it in full view of police and camera crews was, of course, a carefully calculated move. The protestors were arrested and charged - again, mostly according to their plans.

Recently I was lucky enough to meet one of the people who was involved with the greenpeace action. I asked them why they risked prison and fines, why they did they do it? He replied "for us, all for us"

This nodeshell just reminded me of that brief conversation.

(1) Whether or not they are tests, or whether we're already eating GM crops is a matter for more informed people than I.

(2) Looking surprisingly like the beastie boys in their video intergalactic.

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