quoting song lyrics in this asynchronous medium seems insulting, however much I didn't mean to cause you trouble

It's done now, the air is cleared. I've told you that you were misled by my apathy; I should never have told you we were close friends until I was sure

Another view would be that I was cruel to you, that I deliberately misled you.
I have to make it clear that however much I've hurt you, I didn't mean to.
That's scant comfort to you though, fighting back tears as the wind buffets us in the carpark.

You're a friend. You wanted to be closer than I was capable of; I needed to explain that our concepts of friendship were different. I can't deliver to your expectations, I can't reciprocate, reflect the deep feelings and emotions you have for me.

I feel selfishly unhappy, I don't deserve to feel genuine sadness because I am the guilty one, the bastard, the user, the false one. You have to realise that I only found out this morning, I told you as soon as I knew in my heart that I didn't feel close to you.

You got too close
Scared me with intensity
Intruded where you weren't welcome
You were too emotional for a male friend
You never realised that you were trespassing
Why couldn't you have just backed off?, read the signs?

I give my heart to one person only,
Other people are friends, good friends but not as close as you needed to be.

I'm sorry