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I can't sleep

I'm too hyped by the thought of travelling to rest. It's some stupid time in the morning here in the UK, but I cannot sleep. There's nothing on TV except talkshows and low-quality pornography.

I imagine that my neighbour is very angry with me right now - I am running the washing machine and generally clomping around the house making noise. I've got so much to sort out for tomorrow - sorry, today that I have to start now or simply not have enough time.

My eyes are feeling puffy and sticky and I keep yawning, but I simply can't sleep. I have to stay awake to get all these chores completed.

Yes, I'm panicking.

13:35 BST

Well, If I don't get any net access at the trade show in Amsterdam, I'll be seeing you all in 2 weeks' time.

Heck. How on earth will I last 2 weeks without E2 access?