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13:25 BST

I stopped halfway through noding something, because it was about you. I have decided that it is wrong to use you for noding material, so my mushyness will reside in these daylogs. I'm still ill, my head has gone from cotton wool to sawdust and goo. icky goo at that. :( Is it hypocrisy not to node about you, but instead put it in daylogs?

Our Boundaries

I don't want to come to terms with the distance between us. We're separated by distance and time; it almost seems as though something keeps throwing up barriers between us. Well, I don't accept them. I want to move our boundaries closer together, regardless of practicality. But everyone is supposed to be practical; there is no scope for dreaming in this boring world.

2 Dreamers

That's us. I think that we are more comfortable with our fantasy; we want things to be perfect and dreamy. As such, we are suited to attaching a larger significance to this than others may do. (not that I think that is a bad thing, I love dreamyness)

Wax and Wane

We're both frustrated by things. I want you to know that I am happy, contented with the ups and downs, frustrations and giggling, fantasies and coming down to earth with a bump. I'll be there for you, for as long as you want.

My safety blanket of confusion

I have a confession. I think I am hiding behind confusion, using it to give me space, give me time whilst I try (and fail, mostly) to "deal" with the feelings that keep washing over me.

15:55 BST

Amazon just recommended:

wtf? I have only ever bought electronica so the first four recommendations make sense. Precisely which part of the recommendation programme says if $user buys(electronica) then recommend("The Corrs")?