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8:05 BST

The final day of preparation before we leave for the tradeshow. Therefore, today will be stressful, hectic and angry. I can only hope that I don't forget anything...

Mental Note: I can only try.

My Mother gave me a lift into work today. It felt as though I was 12 again, because she had The Cure playing on her CD player. She used to play the cure when she was ferrying me around (as Mother's seem doomed to do...)

Hello September! How are you this year? :-)

10:10 BST

Well! I am running around, getting my laptop sorted out and downloading software I'm going to need. It's strange that normally I can download software with my eyes closed, but if there's a goal or a specific target? I start faffing, panicking and forgetting what I need.

10:30 BST

Oh, poo. The laptop I've been given has NT server on it, and I don't know the password!

13:15 BST

OK, I admit it. I'm terrified!

I've never been to a tradeshow, I haven't flown since my leg operation (could the pressure affect my pins?), I dislike travelling, I'm travelling alone, What will I wear?, What if I get lost?, will I have enough money?, How will I get around?

More later...