A hilarious plasticine animation series from Aardman Animations.

Join Rex, Bad Bob, Wendy and Vince, four plasticine dogs trying to live their lives in today's hectic world... And failing

Rex (Voiced by Andrew Franks) - The Normal, sensitive dog.

Bad Bob (Voiced by Kevin Wrench) - The bumbling inventor of the Go-Back-In-Time-a-tron

Wendy (Voiced by Elisabeth Hadley) - the overworked, under appreciated cynical girl dog.

Vince (Voiced by Steve Box) - Utterly insane. Comes down with Pavarotti disease in one episode.

Theme Song:

Rex the Runt, Rex the Runt
It's time for a doggy dialogue
Rex the Runt, Rex the Runt
The Wobbly, Bobbly, dribbly squiggly Dog!

During each of the episodes the gang would be joined in their adventures by different characters, including Doctor Dogg (Voiced by Paul Merton) and the Easter Island Heads (Voiced by Eddie Izzard)

Episode Guide:

  1. A holiday in Vince
  2. Stinky´s search for a star
  3. Easter Island
  4. Too many dogs
  5. The city shrinkers
  6. Adventures on telly part I
  7. Adventures on telly part II
  8. Adventures on telly part III
  9. The trials of Wendy
  10. Under the duvet
  11. Bob´s international hiccup centre
  12. Johnny Saveloys undoing
  13. Carbonara

http://www.aardman.com/rextherunt/ has loads of sounds and images for you...