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Literary Urge

I jotted down a couple of story ideas this morning, but they have somehow been overshadowed by the business ideas I have kicked around with Mark. I hate that; I get really creative quite rarely. When I do get ideas, they come in rushes and I am barely able to put them onto paper fast enough before I forget them.

So, a Question: Do other noders get this? How do you cope? Has anyone found a way to draw the creative urge out, to prolong it?

Global Communication

I have finally got the email reply from onetel's customer service, telling me that, no I don't need a credit card to use their account and that I can pay via direct debit. This means that calling a certain young lady in Michigan will cost me 3 pence per minute from tomorrow. Yay for saving money! (Now if only I had known that about a week ago...)


Reminds me of a Queen song...

I shall be seeing Hollow Man tonight; I shall maybe, just maybe post a review when I get back...

Later, dudes and dudettes.

* dizzy bows out, chased by rabid squirrels...

20:55 BST

Well, I just got back from seeing Hollow Man and it was crap. Shite. Stupid. Formulaic. Boring.