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yay! I asked her if she wanted to be my girl, and she said yes! And she asked if I would be her boy, and I said yes! Eep! We are going out :-)

I am a little scared at the total switching of my priorities. I found myself thinking that it would be really no matter to move to michigan permanently. I'm supposed to take huge amounts of time to think things over, but here I am, ready to drop everything and go to see her.

Well, you see: I love Dana.

*Dizzy collapses into fits of ecstatic giggles

I wonder how different Michigan is to Hampshire in the UK? Ann Arbor must be mucho better than boring old basingstoke...

In other news:

I keep fielding questions from work about the clearcase source control system I "installed". I got so annoyed just now that I just told them to phone back much later when I wasn't so tired. (I am recovering from an operation, dear reader)

Andy from work bought me Kid A by Radiohead yesterday: I am quite happy with it after about 5 listens. I know that it isn't OK Computer, but somehow I find it very listenable.

The bruising on my leg has started to change; I have developed new bruises on the underside and the existing bruises all down the inside of my left leg are now turning bright green and yellow. Most of the really black bruises are still there, showing finger marks where the surgeon had to really wrench me to try to get the main tibia pin out. (He failed, the tibia pin is still in there).

Mark from work (pretty much my best friend, yay!) should be bringing around my 19 inch monitor from work this lunchtime. This will be so cool and will add to the nest I have created for myself around the sofa.

12:25 BST

Hmm, that was a little too easy... I just applied for an internet banking account with first direct. I was astonished that you could actually sign up over the net.

Why do I feel as though I am in control of change?

14:10 BST


I am now in possession of a beautiful 19 inch monitor. Flat screen. 1280x1024. Yum!

Mark came around and gave me a get well soon present: it's a yoyo with proper clutch and it lights up when it spins. He has one as well and we spent 10 minutes spinning them just above the floor. He also got me CHOCOLATE!! "miniature heroes" which are tiny versions of popular sweets here in the UK. I am so spoilt!

Mark also showed me the creamy nutritious goodness of pdflatex which produces gorgeous PDF files from my silly little LaTeX files.

And I paid my credit card off, so I can spend, spend, spend!

Mental Note: do a proper Eep! node.

more later, my naked slippery elves :-)