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They watching us, I can feel it

I think the managers are getting worried about us lowly engineers. The last 9 months has seen over a third of the department leave to higher paid and more interesting jobs. So far, the management have done really nothing to rectify this, apart from hiring some silly recruitment consultant - basically a girl who phones up employment agencies and arranges interviews. Even this concerted effort has failed to bring our headcount up to new year levels.

But this steady loss of staff has changed the remaining engineers' attitudes subtlely; Everyone blames management for the lack of direction. So, everyone has simply started to ignore management. People are doing things the way they want to and when they get challenged over it, they simply shrug and say something like "Well, it will take more effort to put it to the way you want it, so let's just move on"

I think we are learning to circumvent management

3 days until... things happen or don't. Sometimes I try to visualise my life as a landscape crossed by ley lines. Where I stand right now, there is a nexus, a crossroads where different strands of time and causality meet and then branch out again in radically different directions. (or maybe I took too many aspirin this morning... :-P) There are so many tiny things that I am doing now that are affecting the future in ways I can't fathom. Saying things now can either make you happy, or make you resent me. Each ley line stretches ahead into the horizon, perspective warped to show me the other lines joining and parting from it. The one road I want to travel stretches away from this impending crossroads; I want to stay on this road so much, I know that I can despite the many potholes and twists and turns it has.

I suppose I am trying to say sorry for being so tired last night...

13:30 BST

Hah, please stop annoying me guy has moved desks, and has handed in his resignation! Whee! No longer do I have to listen to off key singing!