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12:35 BST

Back to Work

I am so tired. My legs ache to the core as though I have just run a marathon up a 45o gradient. I can hardly concentrate and my eyes keep going blurry.

But apart from that, I am enjoying being back at work! All the things that people were supposed to do without me haven't been done; I have a huge task list in front of me. Well, I suppose it proves my value to the team It's also nice hearing everybody's news and gossip, as well as all the sympathy and fetching and carrying everyone is doing for me :-)

I think I really needed this break (ha) from work. Several things that would have really stressed me out have gone almost unnoticed this morning. From obnoxious project leaders to silly corporate politics, I am unfazed.

Stuff I'm doing: Teaching a new girl about linux, installing a Java development environment on my Linux box, thinking about playing with some web pages, sorting out our silly source code storage server and generally easing myself back into things.

It's strange
that I have had nothing on my mind
except her, meeting her and seeing her
Nothing on my mind but her
Yet still I get things done
still I manage to get through the day
but this time I am smiling inwardly

More later peeps...