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It seems that while I am away from work recuperating, they have decided to move everybody around. I would therefore like to place a bet; that my desk will be situated in such a way as to maximise the visibility of my monitor to my manager and to maximise the distraction from people walking past my desk. Open plan offices suck. :-(

My last week day away from work. Somehow I haven't accomplished even 5% of what I wanted to. Specifications have gone unread, applications gone unwritten and new knowledge has gone unlearnt... It's a little worrying that I don't care, that I know for certain when I get back to work that I will be doing the same old job without the fetching and carrying. Despite his promises of programming and learning, I know that my project leader will want me to administer our terrible source control system rather than better myself.

It's also rather bemusing in a sad way that I am already stressed about work, even without going back there...