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*Sigh* blowdart you'd better stop mentioning me in your daylogs, people will start to talk :-)

However, newbie noders take note. Please read through the everything university. Don't rant off at people because they correct you; they care for you in a strange way because they want to see the things you write properly accepted by the funny community here on E2.

But enough of such wibblings. I am so beholden to everything that Dana says, I slept with my door open and the phone as close to my bedroom as possible so that if she rang I could get there as soon as was humanly possible. This feeling of love is new to me, I want to hold her and protect her forever. I want to hear her voice and stroke her hair forever. I want her.

*Dizzy shakes his head

But all you noders don't want to hear that. It just sucks soo much that my head is filled with painkiller fuzz right now. I feel that I want to write so many things, poetry and stories for you all, but especially for Dana.

Oh yeah, thank you melissa for reading my daylog to Dana yesterday. Even without the net or a phone, she can reach me...

17:10 BST

Hiya! I have accomplished things today: I wrote my first LaTeX document, in preparation for some serious writing in the future. I managed to get some laundry done, even though I was encumbered by crutches and painkillers. I've helped someone at work, even though I swore I would ignore such calls. I finished part 3 of my story to Dana. (yay!)

Wow, I should get into hospital more often. I haven't been this productive since I mistook the caffeine pills for mints...

And, and my Mother is making me dinner and bringing it over to me, yet again!. I tell ya, when I get really rich, I will hire so many servants...