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8:20 BST

Wow, 6 hours sleep over the past 48 can really mess you up. At present I am shaking from fatigue and so tired I am feeling nauseous. Although the sick feeling is almost certainly due to a complete ass I made of myself a couple of hours ago.

I offer thoughts inside my head and physical to emotional as poems for you to read, to try and ascertain some of the meaning I hold.

Mental Note: never, ever schedule all your household chores for when you know you will be completely shattered and knackered.

The plane tickets arrived. Apart from price discrepancies, they seem OK. I can now hold the tokens by which I will discover life or shatter my heart.

10:35 BST

Too... Much... Pro-Plus...

I have to stay awake, I must stay awake. Markey is coming round for lunch and I must stay awake. Why is the time crawling so slowly? The many chores I need to do are too much and my eyes keep closing. I must stay awake.

almost certainly not any more later, unless i suddenly, magically get some sleep.