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Last night I was icq'd by a colleague; when asked how I was, I absent mindedly answered that I was looking forward to getting back to work. This was met with astonishment, a little anger and a quick offer to take me to the pub for some alcohol and attitude readjustment.

Unfortunately, the conversation at the pub was the usual "slight amount of ice preventing honest opinion exchange" which sucks. He was going on about how much he hated our workplace, and I was waxing lyrical on my beloved. But I got to drink a little, to sit in a public place and be out of the house for a couple of hours. I'm still looking forward to work, however much some people think it sucks.

The sun must be out; even if from my window I can only see grey cloud, there is bright sunshine picking out all the chores I have to do in the garden. Pruning, cutting the lawn, finishing the flower bed, removing this summer's dead annual flowers and weeding. One day, I will have to get out there, but today is too damp - a good excuse, I thought.

BT's ADSL won't be available on linux for a little while yet, so I have to download a whole bunch of things to make my life bearable under windows ME. GetRight, cygwin, ActiveState Perl and Python, ICQ and ZoneAlarm firewall software. I just wish I had xchat for windows...

*sigh* If that is all I have to worry about, then I am doing OK. This level requirement readjustment in E2 has jumped me a level, I now have 160+ nodes until level 8. Eek!