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I let another person into my life yesterday evening. That makes 2 in a month, and the first 2 people for... well, ever! Mark explained some things to me about friendship, I replied that I would be honoured to have him as a close friend, and he was ecstatic!

Perhaps I should explain, just a little: I have no close friends. Throughout my short life, I have been a loner, sometimes by choice, sometimes not. The result of all this time spent alone is; a poorly developed set of social skills and no close friends. Now, this is not meant to be yet another angsty node because I have had no problem with my isolation. However, falling in love with a gorgeous girl and then finding a close male friend has all happened at once.

It's a little daunting, somehow scary to think that these two people want me as a large part of their lives. It's also amazingly flattering, deeply satisfying and it is building my self esteem up an enormous amount. :-)

Thank you so much, Mark and Dana.

Hmm, as this is meant to be a daylog:

Spent the morning reading loads of technical articles around the web, feeding my brain lots of tidbits and waiting to see what my subconscious comes up with. I would love to see a proper trust metric system here on e2 like that of

Oh yeah, posted with mozilla milestone 18.

20:05 BST

I was bathing just now and decided to change the dressings on my recently operated on leg... I have been bleeding a fair amount from the main operation scar. This has been hidden from me before because I have had 2 dressings on each scar and the blood only soaked the bottom layer. I am worried about this; should I hassle both my Mother and the hospital? Hmmm.

21:05 BST

*Phew* false alarm! I have redressed the wound, removing the old surgical tape and will get it seen to tomorrow.