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I used to feel exposed, vulnerable and reactive to the world around me; no longer. Safety in numbers isn't the excuse, nor am I using another as a mental crutch. The realisation that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this person, was, I think, there from early on; The courage to act on that has been longer coming, instilled in me by the trust and love being shared with me.

I would imagine that other men in my position would have run away with their toenails on fire by now. I wonder how any could run from such totality, such openness and beauty.

Some, maybe most, will accuse us of moving too fast; I would reply that when you are that sure, that certain of the mutual beauty existant in a relationship, well, moving fast can't be quick enough. Why wait for the future? Why sit idle, never telling someone that, really, you think they're pretty damned cool and, by the way, would they like to join you in your world domination plans?

There are barriers. I will take great pleasure in breaking them down, climbing over the obstacles that circumstance have thrown in my way. I know that I've never been too good at obstacles, I've tripped in the past and fallen helpless. Eventually I've got up and continued by myself, or perhaps with a helping hand from another. I think of the things that my sweetheart has overcome and I am awed to in the presence of another's strength; I'm also overcome with love when I'm asked to help.

I asked Katyana to marry me, and she ACCEPTED!!