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I shouldn't be in work today; so many things that really I don't want to deal with.


This is the problem with reflecting a portion of your life into a daylog; when things are going wrong and you know that those involved will be reading this, you are reluctant to put down what you really think is happening.

I thought that I had let a male friend into my life, I thought that we would be good friends, that we would have a laugh together. But he wanted more than that, things I wasn't prepared to give or offer. I tried to clear the air yesterday, but failed miserably. So now several people think that I am false, a pretender.

I just want to crawl into bed and eat a lot of chocolate. :-(

16:00 GMT

oh dear, engineers are such babies!

Engineer A joins a week before engineer B leaves. B is solely responsible for a huge chunk of our project and A is taking over that chunk of code. Therefore B teaches A all about the code, sitting at his PC editing away and fixing bugs while he is there. Sometime during the week B returns to his PC and edits code as well, fixing a different set of bugs. Now, because I am away ill and then on holiday, the source control server has been abandoned cos no one can get clearcase to work. So the different sets of code changes exist solely on each machine... Now, of course, it's life and death urgent that those changes are merged together this instant. And who's the project administrator? me Who has to spend ages merging individual files together? ME I am now feeling moderately homicidal at the two developers and the project leader who let them act such fools with our production code...


ICQ now works through HTTPS and will tunnel through our firewall. I found this out, got it to work. I tell ant the leaving guy, and he only tells the whole f*cking department about it. Now everyone and their dog is connecting madly, tripping off the icq server's connection limits from a single machine (i.e. all the requests are coming from our firewall) bastards All I wanna do is talk to my beloved!