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I want to be an Astronaut

8:10 GMT

I have to write my CV today; There's a job fair at IBM tomorrow and they are desperate for IT people. Dana and I have plans for next year, and I need a better job and more financial security to implement these plans. But that is another story!

Sometimes I can act so childish and excited; I woke up every 30 minutes last night, waiting to call my fiancee. I was like a child at christmas time! I finally called at 4:40am here, 11:30pm there. It seems like a good time to call as we can spend 2 hours talking to each other and I still have time to get into work.

It's been a while since I got up so early; I've been attempting to stay up later to catch katyana, but I've found that fatigue and lethargy prevent me from conducting proper conversations. So, waking up early puts me back into my old body clock mode. I get up early and go to sleep early; this gets me into work easily by 8am, and I can leave with a clear conscience at 4:30pm. Which is nice...

15:20 GMT

Geek Rant Below, Please Ignore...

Why am I feeling anxious when it's my boss who is the one at fault? He has written an SDK for our client software. Today he proudly told me that it was at a point where it was ready for it's initial version to be added into our source control system. The problem is that he has used visual c++ for his IDE and has completely fouled things up. Fully two thirds of the files needed for the project to even build are located in directories he has simply copied over from other source repositories, so we now have 2 versions of many things; his answer to this was "We'll fix it later" which means, of course, "You'll fix it later." He has also neglected to properly use the microsoft tool's features by hard coding .IDL pathnames into files without adding them properly into the project, so DevStudio doesn't know a thing about them when it comes to adding them into source control. Because he hasn't added these files into the project, we have to rely on checking in a whole bunch of .h, *_i.c and *_p.c files that should be automatically generated by the midl compiler. And he's left a whole bunch of intermediate binaries littered around the workspace, a series of backup files renamed to .old and .bak and he's using .dsw workspace files instead of .dsp project files... In our project at least, your workspace never gets checked in!

Of course, he is a manager, so I can't have a go at him.


The upshot of this is that I have spent several hours doing work that he should have done, taking precious time away from my slacking! :-(

This is one of those daylogs that are written as the day progresses, so expect updates. Ooh, I bet you can't wait!