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Drinking a lot of lager and eating a lush curry last night has left me a real state this morning. To cap it all, I have to work as well. In so many ways I want to be at home in my warm bed, dreaming of nice things. Coming back to work after a week away is not so nice when your desk has been moved and all your work is in disarray...

More rain and wind here in the UK, with even more forecast to come. Trees with broken limbs line the roads and leaves clog the pavement trying to hitch a ride into work on my boots.

10:40 GMT

Whatever happened to being dizzy?

I chose my nick because I never seem to be able to cope, I am always spinning from one crisis to another, especially at work. However, today (even with a bad head) I have sorted out problems with ease, and I am planning ahead! I don't know what is going on, how I am suddenly proactive for perhaps the first time in my life...

Let me sleep and I will feed you when you're hungry
forever live inside of me
Through the holes in the pockets of my clothes
High, as high as an angel
I will stand there beside you
Love is all we need

People are asking me how things went last weekend, I answer with a soppy grin and they laugh and smile. Even distant recruitment girly was nice to me. Amazing. You can blend into the background of a workplace, thinking that you're ignored, then people cluster around you once the rumours about you spread. I'm happy with this attention, something I would have run from up to last week...

15:05 GMT

Sorry, Mark

17:10 GMT

Mark appears to be OK, but I worry about him. I feel guilty and yet I am more relaxed now. Well, some Mother therapy will help this evening, dinner and chatting about Dana and my Mum's impending spinal fusion operation...

More to come when I get the chance...