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9:50 BST

I tried to stay up late last night to watch Silent Running, but fell asleep on the sofa. I must have slept for maybe an hour, but it was such an awkward position that I'm feeling terrible this morning.

I'm despairing at ever finding a good Linux job. All the systems administration jobs around want MCSE qualifications and I don't even have a degree. You'd think that there would be at least a few jobs for an assistant systems administrator looking to expand his Unix knowledge in an open source friendly environment.

But no. Everyone wants NT, and those that mention Linux are referring to a beat up old pentium 90 that is handling the mail.

It would seem
that I am doomed
to stay forever
within an apathetic

11:00 BST

Decided to cheer myself up by shamelessly stealing fondue's mtv2 idea and making an hour long playlist for mtv2. If I get accepted, I'll post the list and the playout time in a day log.

17:00 BST

"All I want in life's a little bit of love to take the pain away"