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9:25 BST

Tried explaining Unified Change Management to some IRC dudes last night and failed... I really should update that node. (update: I did update that node, and put a fair amount of work into it...)

The sun is shining but the garden needs work, the house needs tidying, the laundry needs doing, houseplants need cleaning and Alpha Centauri is looking very attractive.

I kept having vivid dreams about being on Big Brother - I only watched it for the first time last night, and didn't find it that compelling. Why has my subconcious mind placed that much importance on this programme?

Sigh. I probably gained all the weight I lost last week when I ate loads of chocolate last night. :(

10:45 BST

Sensei, Yossarian: I hope to one day meet you. Your nodes have an uncanny knack of reaching me when I need it: The Brightness of Your Eyes and This music crept by me on the waters

14:00 BST

Decided to reinstall Mandrake 7.1, but now my X server takes a heck of a long time to start up. ReiserFS is cool tho'

What am I doing here when I could be swimming with the Dolphins? - if anyone wants to node that, feel free

18:00 BST

"I send you nothing but love, just wait for me, wait and see - you know all the right words to say" Sometimes a fragment of a song will hit me with the perfection of it's words - these words were Beth Orton's

Noding all of The Sermon on the Mount has left me quiet and tranquil inside. I feel happiness from anything right now :)