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8:30 BST

As I walked into work, I daydreamed that I was living in a house with a river at the bottom of the garden. Yet more people trying very hard to kill each other with their cars; some of these people live closer to work than I do, why can't they walk in?

I want to see Titan A.E. on it's opening night (tonight, here in the UK) but I need someone to go with. Everyone at work is either visiting people or just plain uninterested. I want to ask my Brother, but he will be tired after a working week.

14:20 BST

Mmmm, post pub sleepiness.

Stupid problems with NT domain trust relationships, DCOM and IP address resolving. Stupid, bloody, opaque NT. I'm sure that I wouldn't have this problem with Unix, or if I did, I would be able to solve it right away.

Mental Note: send some virtual hugs and smooches to Void_Ptr for putting those Lain backdrops on her website. (Am I shallow for being made happy by these pictures?)

21:45 BST

Boredom, fatigue (not chronic), and a huge craving for chocolate, alcohol, ice cream and pornography. The problem with this is: I don't really have the money to go wasting on silly indulgences, even though I got paid today. If I stay on E2 and IRC long enough, the supermarket will close and I won't have to worry...

22:45 BST

Ah well, I succumbed to the temptation and bought some hooch, chocolate and cashew nuts. But I don't feel guilty. Much. Well, OK I do. A lot.

Argh! I failed in my resistance!