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8:30 BST

Just a quickie before breakfast ;-P

I saw my brother in his sports car as I walked to work. He offered me a lift, but I declined as it meant he would have had to change lanes and put us both in danger. He really takes good care of that car, polishing, cleaning, hoovering and waxing. For a 19 year old, he certainly looks very business like in that suit.

The plant I bought into work has died. I'm waiting for the snide comments from my colleagues (who think of me as having green fingers)

I must completely read: (linked from /.)

10:30 BST

My stance on the whole Intellectual Property thing is this: I believe that the free exchange of ideas benefits society; I also believe that people should be free to implement ideas. I work in the Television Broadcast industry - I see, time and time again, closed standards hurting consumers and broadcasters. Sky currently implement a closed standard for their digital "data" services, ONdigital (a rival) implement a different service. This means that content providers would have to author 2 completely different types of service (most don't), while viewers on Sky can't get digital data services by the BBC for instance. I think that anything that is adopted by a large number of people should be made open, freely accessible and freely discussable. (is that a word?) (on related news, there is an open standard for TV data broadcasting. It's called MHP)

In a simple black and white view, I believe that if someone puts a lot of effort into something, they should be rewarded. Is it wrong to copy someone? E.g. If A designs a new thingy, does B have a right to copy that thingy? The problems arise when money, remuneration, repayment get factored in. (truly, money is the root of all evil :)

I hate these arguments - I get dizzy going around in circles within them.

12:45 BST

Why is it that any email I send causes problems? I sent out the link to the against intellectual property page (originally linked from slashdot) to a bunch of colleagues. Admittedly, I thought that I might get a snide remark from my Project Leader (who hates Unix + Open Source), but I didn't realise that people would start ranting at each other... There is a flamewar smouldering amongst my friends right now because of something I did :(

Mental Note: realise that some people hate an ideal enough to attempt to destroy any vocalisation of that ideal.

I sat on the wrong side of the dinner table today, facing the tables by the window. Of course, the girl who talks about me with her friends was there - sitting directly in my line of sight. Why can't some people realise that my head is pointed in a certain direction because of the way my seat is positioned. I am not hitting on you!

sensei's Easily Among the Flowers makes me want to run through a wildflower field chasing butterflies...

13:15 BST

Our discussion has hinged on the economic benefit of the open source ideology. My definition of "The Economic advantage of Open Source" : By contributing a small amount to a freely accessible larger pool, you save much more than what you put in. <-- I'm quite proud of that :)

19:00 BST

Utterly knackered. I am so tired from walking home. My legs hurt with fatigue and my feet ache. But I have lost 4 pounds over the last week - so it's doing some good.