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08:50 BST

Summer has decided to make an appearance today, prompting intense hayfever. (Why do I always have to find something wrong with anything?)

I have to set up a complete UCM clearcase and clearquest database. My head is swimming with strange terminology - Development Streams and Integration Streams, Database schemas, views and VOBs, processes and change requests.

There's no one from my project in the office yet, normally everyone's in by 8am. This makes me worried: Do they know something I don't?

Please Stop Annoying me guy just turned up, wearing the same black shirt and black jeans. He asks whether I'm OK after my sick day yesterday. Now he's ranting about feverfew and headache cures now. Argh!

10:45 BST

I want to paint a big sign saying "FUCK OFF! I am working" and put it by my desk. If people would stop asking me questions, I could get on with my work. It's times like this I pray for an office with a door, instead of an open plan desk layout.

12:50 BST

We've had a group email from our General Manager telling us that shorts and "T-Shirts with inappropriate logos" are not allowed to be worn on the premises. Thus the whole of lunch was taken up with discussion on this policy. It seems that workplace attire at geek jobs is a thorny subject - the general feeling was that if management want us to buy a whole new Smart Casual wardrobe, they can bloody well give us the money to do so.

I am going to look for another job; this company seems to be more interested in talking rather than doing...

19:10 BST

A rare afternoon. A productive afternoon. I have traumatised myself by being a good corporate bunny.

I sent an email asking whether management could provide a dress code as there wasn't one in HR's rulebook. I was snapped at by my manager - it turns out that he's dead set against casual clothes at work. (I only found this out after the email, of course)

I walked home in the sun, wondering at the people in their overheated cars driving dangerously and cutting each other up. What's so important that you need to risk your life to get to it 37 seconds earlier?

On the way home, I passed an older woman with two small children. I smiled as they passed; they were laughing happily as they skipped and chased each other down the path. The woman scowled at me - I felt like shouting "Look! I am allowed to smile at children's laughter, aren't I?"

Mental Note: Buy some cool postcards from the New Forest or maybe Winchester.