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08:50 BST

At the breakfast table, we have a good conversation until he arrives. There seem to be some people that want to monopolise every discussion, every meeting they come across. Every situation relates to something he has done, or someone he knows. He may not have seen the television programme we are watching, but he will be able to ramble on at length about the subject. He seems to be saying "Look at Me!" whenever he arrives. I left the table early to prevent my scowl being noticed. I discovered this node and must put the advice contained within to good use: When to leave a cubicle conversation

Mental Note: Listen twice as much as I speak.

I bounced an idea about ClearCase off the engineers who will be using it. They don't want to use the full UCM functionality, neither do they want to use NT boxen for checkouts or builds. One wants to use CVS and bugzilla, another wants to use SourceSafe; all want as little hassle as possible. They don't seem to realise that their reluctance is causing both me and our Project Leader immense hassle.

So far, yesterday's trip to London hasn't set my Asthma off - maybe I was lucky this time?

09:10 BST

It seems that our General Manager wants my project team moved away from the rest of R&D. His reasoning is that the rest of R&D are just a little too laid back and are a bad influence on our product development. I can understand this, but don't want to be moved away from my friends.

I work in a department with some very, very bright people. Why are they incapable of turning the correct light switches on?

10:30 BST

I just asked our secretary what I have to do wrt my trip to Amsterdam - she said nothing at all, she will sort everything out. Mental Note: Our Secretary deserves flowers after I get back from Amsterdam

13:30 BST

I am very, very proud of Please Stop Annoying Me. Noding this, as booyaa put it so well, is the equivalent of screaming into the glass jar in a cartoon. This node, I think, prevented me from committing murder today. I offer Everything as therapy and Everything as an outlet for anger to anyone who wants to node them. I have uploaded my anger to E2; I am mellow and calm. I am the calm lagoon on a deserted island.

16:10 BST

My Project Leader just offered to take my Sky Digital subscription form to our General Manager. It's sad that I'm suspicious rather than grateful.