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18:10 BST

Segnbora-t sent me a Postcard! I wonder if my neighbour heard my mad cackles of delight? This, of course, means that I shall buy some postcards and embark on a sending spree (heh, sending spree, geddit?) So, Segnbora-t is the crunchiest, bestest, most mellifluous noder in the world! (However, on looking at her homenode, she says "no nodes about postcards"... I think this doesn't count, as it's in my daylog. :) In fact, I may have to take a day trip somewhere nice just to get good postcards, but where shall I go?

I upgraded a customer's software today. This involved a trip to London, then a stop-start journey through the centre of London via Taxi. For some reason unknown to me, I had 5 spectators for the difficult task of putting a CD in a drive and clicking an icon - all of them from my company. They were probably either bored or after a free lunch (Yes, I know, there's no such thing)

The train there was uneventful: I alternated between reading The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and staring out the window. Mental Note: go for a ride on the London Eye During the train ride home, my new Project Leader (a real Alpha Geek) had fizzy water spilt all over him by a woman - but I must be maturing; I didn't find it that funny. (Normally I would have erupted in fits of giggles)

Some ice broke between my Project Leader and I. We were discussing ex-colleagues and he told me that he didn't understand people that were just in it for the money! He also agreed that I should be more development than support focussed. (Which is a major victory - I would one day like to write some code of my own) I was proactive for the first time in ages: I drew a special chart for the version numbers of our software upgrade. /me is a good little corporate monkey!

After upgrading the software successfully we had an expensive pub lunch - I had the piss taken because I ordered an Orange Juice with Soda Water for my drink. The 2 managers present decided to walk whilst waiting for a Taxi - the result of which meant that I walked for maybe a mile and a half In my smart, but uncomfortable shoes. So my feet hurt like hell.

No Anonymous phonecalls today, yet.