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My Mother is the greatest Mum there is!

I went to my Mum's house for Sunday lunch and to watch the Austrian Grand Prix. We had salmon pasta and garlic bread, which was yummy. Mum then offered to drive me to a garden centre. She bought me some house plant compost, gravel, eco-friendly house plant insecticide and:

Whilst potting up these gifts, I repotted my Money Plant and put by my monitor. The kitchen is a complete mess after I randomly threw compost, gravel and growmore around, but I'm happy. I only mentioned house plants to my Mother because I read some of hamster_bong's plant nodes...

Mika Hakkinen won the Austrian Formula One Grand Prix - We all cheered when Michael Schumacher spun off. Schumacher tried to stop the race after he spun off by edging his broken car onto the racing line. Fortunately, the marshals had the safety car out and Schumacher's car was lifted off by a crane. It was obvious that Schmacher was trying to stop the race - he should be fined or banned.