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11:40 BST

2 anonymous phonecalls already! Maybe I should feel grateful that someone is taking the time to hassle me. If I report this, I wonder if BT and the police will laugh at me because I'm a guy?

This is going to be a hard day. My Withdrawal has crept up on me and wrestled me down. Recovering from painkiller abuse is not nice in any way.

16:40 BST

Feeling better. It's funny how washing and dressing properly can restore a sense of well being. One day I shall node IRC as therapy to try and explain my thoughts.

Outside, my grass has grown to monumental proportions. I wish this crap British Weather would get better; I want to undertake a medium effort garden project sometime soon.

Decision for the day: Should I get a coldframe, spend more money on larger plants or put new fencing up?

22:20 BST

Hmm, Flight of the Navigator was on scifi channel; that is such a cool film!