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14:10 BST

My sad little life has taken a turn for the better: I get a Netra T1 server to play with tomorrow. I find it bemusing that I get worked up by an inanimate object.

I want to take up Kendo (this random thought was inspired by a) RimRod's wu above and b) a Kendo programme on some random documentary channel last night. I now have no excuse to not join a Gym - I got a raise recently and have the monetary capacity to do it.

My Hair has started to get in the way of my eyes - hence it is time to get a Hair Cut. I only hope I don't get that crazy Hair fetish woman again.

22:45 BST

Just got back from seeing Mission Impossible: 2. I'd give it a 6 out of 10 on the dizzy measure me do. (Fight Club is top of my list and that got 8 out of 10, I like leaving slack for new stuph) My Mum is so cool, she paid for me to go, negating the "I paid for this film so it had better be good" factor. My Mum is being quite cool recently; she enjoyed Chicken Run and even liked to action packed MI:2.

Anonymous phonecalls today: 2 (a good day)

Stuff that cheered me up: Afternoon coffee. I almost choked to death laughing when a mate suggested that I add 3 extra buttons to all of my dialogue boxes: a "Defer" button to decide later, a "Maybe" button for those ambiguous dialogues and a "Delegate" button to make someone else take the decision for you.

Just before leaving work today, we tried to build some software that had previously been developed and built on a single machine. We checked all the changes into ClearCase, got the latest version on my virgin machine and hit the build button. It worked first time! This is A Good Thing

23:50 BST

rpco said: Jizakullah. Derivation: Arabic "thank you"; literally "may God reward you." in response to liking his noding some very cool derivation of Dune terms and words. People can be so cool sometimes!