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They spun a Web for me...

So, as I listen to coldplay's haunting lament, I turn to a daylog to commit some thoughts to paper, to take stock of the recent events and perhaps analyse them a little.

I often see God, or perhaps fate in the meshing synchronicity of the events in my life. I know that it is all too easy to see things that aren't there, all too easy to find what you are looking for inside random noise. It's comforting to think that the time you were late for the train meant that you met an old friend; perhaps because it allows you to convince yourself you have taken the correct course of action after all? It's also reassuring; you can rest easy with the, probably false, knowledge that things will be OK after all. I know that I am too superstitious, believing in the generic predictions of horoscopes too easily and not remaining healthily skeptical of palmistry and other "faith" sciences. Why do I want to believe? It's a comfort to my apathy to think that I only have to read some words or consult a psychic to take the best course of action available to me. I feel that in today's cultural climate, it's very difficult to tread along the middle of the path; on one side there are people believing in everything a "guru" will say, and on the other are people who are so skeptical that they never seem to act spiritually, even if it is detrimental to their well-being. I feel that whatever you believe in, it is OK, as long as you believe in something and don't let that belief take over your life.

So I feel synchronicity attracted to me as if I am a nexus or perhaps a star with comets dancing around me. Events have accelerated, whipped around me like a tornado, or perhaps more humbly, like the sugar dissolving as I stir my afternoon tea. My life is changing so quickly now that I think I am operating on a different plane right now, I'm aware of people moving around me that I ignored before. I think of the possibilities the next few months and years may bring. It makes me dizzy to think of my future, even more so than the past few months of my life.

I'm also aware of another person who's life has changed and will change in the future. My future wife has experienced just as much as I have, and I am happy to know that I have a soulmate who is there with me and for me, just as I am for her.

So, things are changing. I decided to accelerate my move to the US earlier this year and put some things in motion to help me to do that. I quit my job last week, although I still have 3 weeks notice to serve. I decided to sell my house on Saturday the 13th, and it only took 4 days to find a buyer. They'll pay almost the asking price, so I am happy. They are also happy to complete the sale by or on the 19th of February, which is exactly the date I wanted. I tell my bank that I will be moving soon, they inform me that they are calling in my debts, and I manage to find someone, a dear friend, to help me postpone those nasty bank people.

So I feel these events have spun around me, almost out of control, yet they are falling into place in a way that is good to me. That makes me happy.

I also managed to really talk to a good friend last night, to exchange, give and take in a way that left us both tired yet happy. This follows truths and exchanges with my heart and soul that has expanded me in a way that is so rare yet so desirable.

That is what it is all about, finding joy in everything. I hope you all can too.