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A well loved flying dream last night. My dream hillside was featured, so was the dream street and dream bookshop.

Normally a flying dream will consist of me discovering I can fly then not being able to reliably demonstrate it in front of people. Last night was different.

I found that by bending my arms slightly and pointing my hands down and outwards, my flying was much more reliable. A normally difficult thermal had suddenly become really easy to catch - there was hardly any mental effort to stay aloft.

I started to show off; I could pick people up with me, and both my passengers and I delighted in swoops and dives. The feeling of flight - the wind and lack of gravity - was very prevalent in this dream. The others and I discussed whether or not it would be safe to carry luggage when flying; we agreed (very seriously) that we would have to speak to police and politicians about it. I agreed to teach the best dream flyers my new technique. I worried a little that non-flyers would feel left out, and that we should give free rides.

I swooped low over woods, houses and hills. I discovered that I could fly equally well with my body either verticallly or horizontally. The rush of air and the feeling of speed and altitude made me sad when I landed again.

It was not the strongest feeling of flight I have had, but certainly the longest and most tangible. I was really feeling the dives in my stomach

Dream girl was in the dream; she could fly as well. We did not make love in this dream, although we did cuddle and smooch in midair.