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Even though we parted on bad terms, She is pleased to meet me

We meet in a house on a hillside, the floor is level, but I enter high up the hill and leave low down. This does not bother me.

There is a girl from work in a field with many children, but they are nothing to do with me.

The weather is good, but many people are staying inside.

The hillside has more houses now, but I don't wonder how they got there.

She has left, but I am not unhappy.

I walk through a house, the rooms morph around me. First a hall with stairs grows a kitchen at the side. As I walk towards the kitchen it changes into a bathroom. The window in the bathroom changes into a door. She is in the shower, we have sex there.

It has clouded over. This distresses me.

The children have stopped playing and come over to visit, we discuss many things. I wonder how these children are so lucid and mature, without wondering why I cannot hear the conversation properly.

There is a computer in the newly morphed hall that is displaying E2, several children cluster around it.