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I was driving through some country roads, being chased by distant, unloved relatives.

I was driving a left hand drive car, which is strange because I live in the UK. The car had cool touch screen controls for all functions, and a thumb wheel accelerator on the side of the steering wheel.

Every so often, the car would disappear and I would be walking. This would happen when I drove into a crowded village.

It seemed quite sunny - normally weather doesn't figure highly in dreams...

My relatives caught up with me in a town square with a fountain. I tried to escape through a tunnel, but gave up when they were waiting for me at the other end. They admonished me for running away, then left.


Dream Girl was standing before me, in Ripley style military trousers and vest top. She had her hair in a bun, but when I looked closer, a scorpion climbed over her head towards me. I backed away, terrified. Dream Girl couldn't understand what was the matter.

I woke up, frantically trying to squash the spider that was in my hair...