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There were 2 houses by the beach, the people in the first had noticed that the husband in the second house was a smuggler and a drugs dealer. We took our helicopter and flew to the house while the husband was away. We tried to convince the smuggler's wife to testify against him, but she was too scared. We noticed that she had bruises, but didn't say anything; we left without any results.

The smuggler stole a briefcase with money and computers in. He took a helicopter from the office building and flew away, taking his wife with him. We pursued in our helicopter, but the smuggler wouldn't land. We warned him that we would shoot him down, but he ignored us. As we aimed our sniper gun, I realised that the wife was still in the smuggler's helicopter, but I did nothing. We shot the smuggler down; the helicopter blew up and crashed in flame. The wife walked unscathed from the wreckage and sat in the back of our helicopter after we landed. We gave her the briefcase and flew back to base.

A different dream, later on

The house's plan was symmetrical but we had been told that there were secret rooms somewhere. I was convinced that the room in the centre of the house was the key. The room was dark, so we kept walking through without seeing if there were any secret doors. He gave me his maglite, Dream Girl held close to me as we entered the dark central room. I played the torch beam across the walls of the room and discovered that it was many times larger than the plans had described.

We called our other friends into the room (which was now fully lit) and started to explore. The rooms were on many levels, and there were lots of antique dining furniture in each room. There was an underground stream running through several of the rooms; At one end of the stream was a unicorn(1) trapped in a seething waterfall. None of us cared about the unicorn, instead watching the beautiful colours of the waterfall and the amazing lights that came from the end of the stream.

As we left the secret rooms, the police arrived and conversed with the owners. They couldn't see us and they looked translucent. An expert was called to the house to investigate the strange noises the owners had reported. None of the translucent people knew about or found the secret rooms. Children playing nearby knew all about us, and tried to tell the police, but were beaten away.

We followed the investigator to the front garden of the house. He said that there were people trapped from the past inside the house and that the house would need to be demolished. We shouted and tried to make ourselves heard, but the ghosts wouldn't listen to us. An old man joined us and told us that we were the ghosts and the only way to wake up was to jump down the waterfall in the secret room. Many of us were scared and wouldn't do it. I took a small kayak and put Dream Girl in it. We let the current of the stream take us to where the unicorn's waterfall was. We smooched for a while, then told each other of our love. We fell over the waterfall and the water covered us...

(1) Yes, I saw Bladerunner last night. Does this mean I'm a replicant?