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The three of us drove into the huge multi storey car park. It took us many minutes to drive downwards.

We argued about how to capture the thief. She wanted to shoot first, He wanted to use handcuffs. We pulled out our guns.

Gunfire: loud and abrupt

I fall to the floor. I have been shot many times in the legs. Chunks of flesh have scattered across the car park floor. All the wounds are filled with blood.

-=Scene Shift=-

A panel of children are debating school work, but stop at the sound of gunfire.

One of the children, a young girl, walks down the stairs to me in the car park.

She puts her finger into one of the blood filled wounds and asks why I am bleeding. I worry that she will be traumatised so I say nothing.

Blood covers the floor, the others do not care, except for the little girl who says she will get a doctor.

Pain kicks in.

I wake screaming and covered in sweat.