The martians had taken over earth, striding everywhere in their three legged metal war machines and killing lots of people. We hid from them in cellars and under broken cars, but they kept finding us and screaming. I had an idea that we should hide where they least expect: in their newly built houses. We concealed ourselved under the huge tables and chairs in the new martian office building. We were getting hungry and desperate so I decided to ask one of the martians for some food; we would die anyway, best get it over with quick - anything to stop the terror.

The martian (a huge BFG type giant) stood over me and smiled. He admitted that he was against the killing of us little people. He wanted to observe us living our lives naturally and without fear. He gave us an area on his land where we would be free from war machine attack.

The friendly martian wondered why we hadn't produced "any young" (as he put it) I explained that there were only 4 men in his zoo, and we needed females to breed. He considered this and admitted that he knew nothing about humans. I asked for permission to search the ruins of a nearby town for some women who had escaped the killing, and he agreed.(1)

I crept through the rubble of the edge of the town, searching and listening for other people. The demolished car park looked like a good bet, so I skirted the martian watch tower and made my way inside.

I'm not putting across the terror and constant fear of discovery and death very well. This dream is more accurately described as a nightmare.

As I scrambled over the rubble into the car park, I saw a mechanical horse that was curled up by a junction. I picked it up and fixed it with a toolkit I was carrying. The horse was very grateful and promised to carry me wherever I wanted. I told it to fold up and fit in my rucksack.

I bumped into a young teenaged girl in the carpark. She was very scared and wanted some food. I said that there was a much nicer place where the aliens wouldn't hunt us, and she agreed to join me. I explained to her about the breeding ideas and she was very enthusiastic, but I said that we would wait until she was older. She was disappointed but happy and gave me a gun that she had found.

We ran from the carpark as it began to collapse. We found a woman my own age who was trying to build a spaceship to destroy Mars and make the martians die. I pulled her away from the cardboard boxes and car engines that she was using and took her with us. The 3 of us on the horse was a bit too much and made it go very slowly.

There seemed to be another martian faction who had flying machines - they flew over us as we scrambled to hide. The aircraft dropped off a trinity-like woman who saw us in our hiding place under the road. She wormed her way in and was about to report us when I pulled the communicator from her. She snapped out of the hypnosis she was under and agreed to join us.

Then I woke up...

(1) I can imagine that some girl noders may be a little pissed off at the attitude of this dream towards women. I'm just documenting what was in my head, there's no excuses (or really any apologies worth their text)