While many people would define Dream Girl as their most desirable star or perhaps a girl they lust over from a distance, I do not. My dream girl appears in my dreams, strangely enough.

She changes her appearance to a greater or lesser extent with every dream. I always identify her as the same girl, She never appears to me as different people. She sometimes looks similar to a past girlfriend, but mostly she appears as follows:

Her hair is almost always past shoulder length and varies from straight Japanese black to slightly curly blonde. She never seems to be less than 5 feet 6, and doesn't ever augment her height with big heels. She is never thin, and is often quite curvy with big hips and breasts. Noder's note: I'm just describing her how I dream her - She's not real and I know that

Her face is often hard to remember; more often I remember being captivated by all of her, far more than the face alone. If I had to describe her face, it would be somewhat like Sandra Bullock's, although that could be me trying to pidgeonhole her. Her eyes are always striking, no actress or model's eyes come close. Her eyes are piercing and expressive, if I say something to hurt her I can see every bit of damage in them.

Unfortunately, I cannot find words to describe her voice :-(

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