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So, working for Sony has some perks after all; I can borrow a new funky looking digital satellite box to use at home. I have to send bug reports in, but I suppose I don't mind that at all. Apparently the box is a little better than my panasonic box, but I don't know in what way. The main benefit I can see is that it will match my new silver VCR.

I woke up to my fiancee's voice this morning; the new cordless phone is rather useful for that, but I shall have to remember to put it right by my bed, rather than across the room. I don't want to have to get up at all, just reach across and say "Hi" with a sleepy smile. As always, our telephone conversations are dreamy; talking about all sorts of really nice things, reaffirming our bond together.

Excuse me while I sigh contentedly

I can't understand people who hate, or in some way question, long distance relationships. Sure, you can miss someone deeply and the pain can be awful. But the joy of talking to your beloved, the utter happiness when they say the things you are thinking of, can make the distance fall away. Saying that you are not having a proper relationship unless you are together, unless you are going out to coffee together is just wrong. The things that you share with someone, the depth, the power at which your souls resonate overshadows the fact that you are not together. You're not touching physically, but your hearts are tied together in a way that, I think, a "normal" relationship couple wouldn't understand. That's not to say that a long distance relationship is better, just different.

More later, my little fondant fancies...