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Reading all the daylogs above, I get the impression that the message of christmas hasn't really sunk in around here. Everyone whining about how much their day sucked, how much they hate christmas. Well, I believe that christmas is all about goodwill to all, so I am not about to try and dump any of my problems onto you. I love you all, thank you for enriching my life with your words, you really have made at least one person's life better this year.

Thank You All

My first christmas as a fiance. The first christmas where I woke up all sleepy and icky, but happy because I knew I wasn't alone. Getting ready, choosing clothes for a relaxed family gathering. Braving the cold, damp biting winter wind to walk to my Mother's house, only a short, relaxing walk during summer, but brisk, invigorating walk during winter. Show my beloved houses and paths and trees; here the rabbits come out to play at dusk, there the streetlight is not working which makes this path scary at night. This is the third time now that my parents and my fiancee have met, so things are more relaxed even if people are still nervous. Time to exchange presents; not expensive or extravagant - there are no children present to get whipped into a consumer frenzy. This christmas from my Mother and StepFather, there are thoughtful and unusual presents; proper walking socks, code books, mini fake tattoo kit, body shop things, wind chimes and best of all, a completely unexpected artists' mannequin. Something I mused about several years ago, and now I get one, completely out of the blue. For them, there are books for the boys, and a nice body shop box for Mother. For my Dana, my Mother gives rose scented drawer liners and much rose scented things.

Hmm, I am perhaps focussing too much on the presents here. What I mean to say is that the exchanging of gifts this year had a special feel to it. The presents were all very well received, everyone was genuinely happy to both give and receive this year.

Then Christmas dinner, a british version which confuses our american guest. Dana hasn't eaten brussel sprouts before, or even heard of party poppers. Christmas Pudding is a new treat for her as well, but perhaps it is an acquired taste :-) We don't consume vast quantities of food or alcohol, which prepares us for a more relaxed rather than comatose afternoon. The Queen's speech is watched, but no one knows the words to the national anthem, Dana wonders why but also likes our queen. Then a family afternoon film but my brother and stepdad depart upstairs to watch James Bond. So, cuddles on the big sofa, cups of tea and fleecy blankets keep us warm in our flimsy smart clothes. Then home to watch Titanic, and I admit I got a little misty eyed towards the end.

Then sleep, and another day with my beloved begins.

A wonderful christmas, a wonderful life beckons.