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So, the house is approaching a semblance of cleanliness, the garden... well, the less said about the garden the better. The presents still need to be wrapped, and I need to do something with my clothes other than stack them on my bedroom floor. Mostly things are going OK, but I still would like to do more; I don't know why, of course. Maybe I am subconsciously still in first date mode and I am still trying to impress the girl who has given her heart to me. Or maybe I just want this to be the best Christmas ever? If I had a choice, if I could choose my reasons, that would be it.

I still need to buy groceries, I still need to brave the pre christmas food shoppers with their trolleys overfull with biscuits and cola. If I could, I would go tonight, but I need to buy wrapping paper as well, ribbons and bows, sticky tag thingies that remind me which present goes to which person. I thank whoever is in charge that I am not cooking or organising christmas dinner - My little brain is hardly coping with presents and cleaning, anything else and I fear my head would explode. Or maybe implode. Into a black hole of bah humbugness. Or something.

I slept for 4 hours last night, and I went christmas shopping this morning - I am shattered, crazy tired.

So I take pro-plus to wake me up, and I am noding as I gather my strength and confidence to tackle the supermarket...

18 hours...

Well, the stupid supermarket had run out of nice hologram christmas wrap, and they had no tags left. boohoo. But I have stuff, christmas stuff that will make things go well :-)

8 hours to go...

Kitchen clean, bedroom messy again after a belated attempt to sort things out. Presents wrapped in el cheapo wrapping paper, with no tags and marker pen names. Flowers here and there, other little surprises waiting for smiles and kisses.

I believe I am excited. How about that?

Oh, and to all a merry christmas, and to all a good night!